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A message from Sean Anstee

Sean Anstee is your Conservative candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester, at the election to be held on Thursday 4th May 2017. He's from here, for here - give Sean your first preference vote on 4th May!

Arnie Saunders wins in Kersal - thank you for your support!

Local Conservative campaigner Arnie Saunders is the new Councillor for Kersal and Broughton Park after a spectacular triumph in the Kersal ward by-election held on Thursday 2nd March. Arnie secured 850 votes to win gain the seat from Labour with a majority of 297.

Sean Anstee selected as Conservative candidate for Mayor

Salford Conservatives are delighted to welcome Sean Anstee as the Conservative candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester. Sean was selected at a packed meeting of Conservative members held at Patricroft Conservative Club in Eccles.

Thank you for voting Conservative!

Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote Conservative in the elections on Thursday 5th May. Your support is hugely appreciated.

Your 2016 Conservative local candidates

There's a clear choice in Salford this year on Thursday 5th May - more of the same Labour failure or a fresh start with Salford Conservatives. Use both your votes for your Conservative candidates!