Cllr Sydney Cooper


A Generation of Public Service

Looking back on years gone-by, we often remember the people we met, places we visited and those with whom we worked especially in a voluntary or elected role.

On Friday morning we heard of the passing of former Claremont Councillor Sydney Cooper. The genuine sadness on the faces of those who knew Sydney was testament to his reputation for hard work, his capabilities and record of public service spanning decades.

For me, as a hopeful councillor, Sydney’s example is one that inspires; he was fearless, a good leader with high standards and always ready to help others.

Like many of his wartime generation he possessed a strong sense of duty to his neighbourhood, he took pride in his work and strived to build a better future for all, especially for future generations.  All this was during time of post war rebuilding, a time of national shortages, industrial decline and unrest; a real austerity not the overblown use of the word we have now.

Sydney maintained a keen interest in local politics and Salford Conservatives, always taking press clippings and discussing issues with visitors. He was a life-long committed Conservative. Colleagues who kept in touch with him throughout his long illness tell me he was pleased with the resurgence of Conservative support  in Salford and with the growing membership across the city. 

I am sure if he had been able he would have been out leading the campaign in Claremont and with us all at the count on 7th May.

Salford has lost a faithful public servant.

Bob Goodall

Chair, Salford Conservatives