Conservative Alternative Budget - Protecting The Most Vulnerable

Last week, Salford Conservative Finance Spokesman Cllr Andy Cheetham put forward a Conservative alternative to the Labour Council budget, which would provide extra resources to the most vulnerable residents. Unfortunately, this alternative was voted down by the Labour Councillors.

The Conservative alternative budget would have:

  • Restored over £1 million of Labour’s budget cuts in the Children’s Services department, prioritising early intervention and starting life well
  • Reversed over £1 million of Labour cuts to the social care budget, with extra money for those with learning difficulties, the supporting people budget and a reversal of Labour’s increase of the fair access to care eligibility level to those with substantial needs.
  • Provided some extra money to street scene and grounds maintenance, and £200k to support new small businesses


Additional savings would have been provided by:

  •  the number of assistant mayors (13 under Labour) to 5 and freeze Councillor allowances, rather than Labour’s decision to raise them. This saves £99k.
  • A cut in the budget for press and communications by £116k. This might include getting rid of the Mayor’s spin doctor, who earns nearly £70k.
  • Scrapping the £95k of funding that the Council gives from the taxpayer to the trade unions. Less than a third of non-teaching Council staff are members of a Union.
  • The implementation of further workforce reforms, including reducing overtime, looking at the excessive sick pay bill, and streamlining senior management.


See the attachment below for full details of the Conservative alternative budget amendment.


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