Conservative Candidate for Ordsall

Jonathan Boot working hard for Ordsall

Dear Resident,

On 7th May you will have the chance to choose who represents you on Salford Council.

It is a great privilege to be your Conservative candidate for Ordsall. Since making my home  in Ordsall I have become active in our neighbourhood and aware of its needs.

I have seen first-hand how Labour are not working for the people of Ordsall, far too often we see the inefficient Labour run council wasting your hard earned Council Tax, we see rubbish mounting in the streets and badly maintained highways.

I think Ordsall deserves much better. I want to see low Council Tax, a properly maintained road network and a safe, clean and crime free environment for all to live in.

If elected as your councillor I will represent the interests of all Ordsall residents, working alongside the Conservative group, the only effective opposition to Labours City Mayor.  I know many residents have complained of unanswered letters, unreturned phone calls and of councillors who they hardly ever see. Ordsall is my neighbourhood and I promise you I will work with you to make it a better place to live and work.  

I believe that in voting for me you have a chance to bring about a fairer Council, one that works in your favour and not against you or your family.

Only fair, commonsense Conservative policies and values can bring the changes required to deliver high quality, value for money local services.

Kind Regards,