Local Plan Consultation - Your Views Wanted

Following the collapse of the "Core Strategy", consultation on the Council's "local plan" is underway - and your local Conservatives want to hear the views of residents about which sites should be protected from development.

The Council's local plan will set out how Salford should develop over the next two decades, and the Council have started an initial consultation. Residents are being asked to suggest sites and areas of land that they think should be developed, or should be protected from development. More information is available on the Council website.

Your local Conservatives are committed to protecting local green spaces - and we're very keen to hear what local residents have got to say. Planning spokesman Cllr Iain Lindley said:

"It's very important that local residents respond to the consultation and make their views clear, especially on the future of our green fields and green spaces. I'd also be very grateful if you could e-mail me on iain@iainlindley.co.uk so that your Conservative Councillors can represent local residents on this issue"

Developers have already indicated that they plan to submit proposals for new developments on green spaces in the west of Salford. Local residents have formed an action group to defend our green spaces against these plans - for more information visit www.raid-org.co.uk.