A Message From Anne Broomhead

Dear Neighbour,

First of all, let me wish you all the best for Christmas and for the year ahead. I know how busy this time of year can be, and I am very grateful to you for taking the time to read this message.

As you may be aware, a by-election has been called in this area, to be held on Tuesday 7th January. An election in early January is a poor choice for residents and for democracy, at a time of year when the weather is cold, the nights are dark and families are busy. I certainly wouldn’t have asked the Council to conduct an election at this time of year, and I’m disappointed in those that did.

Nevertheless, I am delighted to be your Conservative candidate, and it would be a great honour to have your support. This election won’t change control of the Council, but it is an opportunity to elect a hard-working, local Councillor, and to send a strong message to the Labour Mayor and his thirteen Assistants, who are all Labour Councillors.

If elected, I would be a strong local champion, taking action on the local environment (including litter, graffiti and dog-fouling) and to improve our broken highways and pavements. I would speak up for improvements to Swinton town centre - a voice for Swinton in the town hall, not the town hall’s voice in Swinton.

I also know that residents want to see value-for-money from their Council Tax. We don’t need Labour’s 13 Assistant Mayors, especially the one for “international relations” or Labour’s 80% allowances increase for the City Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

It would be a real privilege to be your local Councillor, and I would greatly appreciate your support on polling day.

Yours sincerely

Anne Broomhead

PS - thank you to everyone who returned our community survey!