A Message From Les Turner - Walkden South

Dear Neighbour,

On 22nd May, residents here in Walkden South have the opportunity to choose who represents them on the Council for the next four years.

It has been a great privilege to serve as your local Councillor, and I am extremely grateful for the warm welcome I always receive from local residents. I hope that those residents who have contacted me with a problem or question have always felt that I have done my best to help.

Local residents have always been clear to me about what they want to see done in the local area - clean and safe streets free from litter, pavements and highways that are not broken, low Council Tax and value-for-money from the Council - these are your priorities and that makes them my priorities.

There is, however, a clear choice at this local election. Labour simply do not listen to local residents here in Walkden - we see this time and time again, including the impending closure of St George’s High School, and the upcoming twelve months of traffic chaos that will accompany construction work for Labour’s giant white elephant Leigh Misguided Busway.

Residents have told me that they’re fed up with the Labour Council and Labour City Mayor wasting taxpayer money on 13 well-paid assistant mayors (including one for international relations!), on subsidising a rugby stadium, writing off Council Tax arrears and funding a spin-doctor and huge marketing budget.

I have always tried my best for local residents here in Walkden, and I will continue to do so if re-elected as your local Councillor. I will be a voice for you in the Council Chamber, not the Labour City Mayor’s mouthpiece in Walkden. It would be a huge honour to have your support.

Kindest regards,

Les Turner
Your Conservative Candidate for Walkden South