Only Anne will protect our green spaces in Walkden South

A message from Anne Broomhead

Dear Neighbour,

I am delighted to be your Conservative candidate for this year’s local election, and I am very grateful to everyone who has contacted me or spoken to me on the doorstep.

The choice at this election could not be clearer – an experienced hard-working local Conservative Councillor who will speak up for our community, or Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour candidate who will just do what the City Mayor tells her to do.

This election won’t change control of the Council but it can make sure that there is a strong opposition voice on Salford Council. Many residents have contacted me about Labour’s decision to sell off the St George’s High School playing fields on Hilton Lane and send in the bulldozers.

Local Conservatives have always opposed this, and if elected I will continue to fight this Labour decision.

I have a strong record over many years of standing up for our area. I want to see more good school places, better transport infrastructure, and value for money for taxpayers. I am the only candidate who can stand up for our community; I will be your voice on the Council, not the Council’s voice in Walkden.

Kindest regards,

Anne Broomhead - your Conservative candidate for Walkden South