Sajjad Karim and Daniel Hamilton Launch Salford Campaign

Salford Conservatives were delighted to welcome Conservative European candidates Sajjad Karim MEP and Daniel Hamilton to Salford on Sunday to help launch the combined local and European campaigns ahead of polling day on 22nd May.

Sajjad and Daniel joined around 30 Salford Conservative local candidates, members and supporters for the campaign launch and social event.

Don't forget, only the Conservatives have a plan to deliver real change in Europe, so if you want to:

  1. Cut the cost of Europe
  2. Make Europe work for business
  3. Keep out of the single currency
  4. Take back control of our own borders
  5. Keep out of future bailouts
  6. Take back control of justice and home affairs
  7. Get change in the European Union
  8. Vote in an in-out referendum need to vote for a strong team of Conservative MEPs on 22nd May!