Save St. George's Playing Fields

The Labour Councils decision to sell off St George’s playing field for 209 houses will put even more pressure on our roads and local services. 

Across our area Labour’s housing plan would see thousands of new houses built across our area, and without the necessary improvements to make sure local services, like GP’s and schools, can cope.

We need a brownfield sites first policy that will protect our green spaces, and make sure the houses being built are not coming at the expense of parks and open fields.

Dave Cawdrey, your local Conservative candidate said, “I have always opposed housing development on St George’s playing fields. We need to be investing in better roads to reduce congestion and putting money into making local schools better – not increasing the pressure on them.”

On June 20th we need to send a message to the Labour Council that they must protect our environment and make sure everyone is able to benefit from, and have access to, green spaces in our area.