Successful Salford Businesses

With Cllr Garrido I visited HQ Hamill, at their Salford Quays location, meeting premise manager Mr Daniel Hulse and a number of HQ’s tenant businesses.

This was not the first time I had visited managed premises, but I must admit it was one of the best. Daniel took us around the facilities where we met the owners of SME businesses, speaking in turn with each. The welcome could not have been warmer. All four businesses reported having grown over the past year and all can be described as professional services from industries such as building & electromechanical, IT & DB services, EU tax reclaimation and finally professional health services. With 95% of UK’s private sector being SME’s, it was most welcome to see the results of this governments pro-business approach, providing the financial setting for investment in real jobs in highly-skilled and higher paid roles. HQ Hamill having invested millions in their facilities are fulfilling a need, their tenants in turn are providing highly skilled and longer term jobs.

A real partnership in action backed by a pro-business government.